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The common objectives of all clubs are to supplement and compliment the academic and co-curricular activities of the Vidyalaya. The chairman of all the clubs is the Principal. The following clubs are working in the school at present.

                                                §          Art club

                                                §          Music club

                                                §          Science and mathematics club

                                                §          Social science club

                                                §          Literary club

                                                §          Dramatic club

                                                §          Eco club

                                                §          Computer club

                                                §          Readers club     

A brief sketch on the working of the clubs is given in the below mentioned table. The details are given in the activity calendar.

1 Art club

1. Inter house art competition
2. Art exhibition
3. Preparation of posters, banners and painting
4. Beautification of Vidyalaya campus
5. Maintenance of the art display board
6. Participation in national level art competitions

2 Music club

1. Presenting patriotic songs on weekly basis
2. Maintenance of the P & A system
3. Participation in competitions conducted by regional and national level agencies
4. Conducting music competitions

3 Science and Mathematics club

1. Conduction of quiz competition
2. Preparation of charts andmodels
3. Preparation of science
4. Collection of callyavailablespecimens
5. Publication of related magazines and handouts
6. Demonstrating models and popularising science

4 Social science club

1. Conducting quiz competitions
2. Celebrating the important days related to national, international events and personalities
3. Conducting social surveys in the locality

5 Literary club

1. Conduction of essay, poem writing, recitation and declamation competition
2. Publishing wall magazine
3. Editing the Vidyalaya magazine

6 Eco club

1. Spreading environmental awareness
2. Creating and maintaining school garden.Organizing campus cleaning activities

7 Computer club

1. Conducting computer literacy programme for students and teachers
2. Preparation of teaching materials and aids

8 Readers club

1. Subscription of magazines
2. Conducting book exhibitions
3. Preparing book cover designs

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